Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit

Where Voice-Controllable LED Lighting Begins

For all the times you didn’t want to leave bed to turn off your lights, when you ran out of hands to get the light switch, or even when you just wished you didn’t need to move to control your lights, we created the Ivy Smarter Kit for you. Control the lights using your voice through your smart phone, we’ll take care of the rest. Group your bulbs by rooms, and create unique scenes for even more customizability right from the app. We take controlling your lights to a whole new level, so you can enjoy the convenience of living smarter.

The Nanoleaf Smart Hub can control up to 50 compatible bulbs.

If you want simplicity married with advanced lighting control, this kit’s for you.

“Imagine Tomorrow”

Introducing the Ivy Smarter Kit

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Details Matter

We designed our smart lighting to add to the design of any room rather than take away from it.

Hey Siri, Set My Lights to Snuggle Time.

You speak, things happen. Control the lights with your iOS, Android, or Amazon Alexa device.

Simple Setup

Plug in hub. Screw in bulbs. Download app. That’s it. No, really.

Control Your Lights, Your Way

We believe in openness. We want you to make your connected lighting experience your connected lighting experience.

Seamlessly Future-Proof

New features are continually added to the hub and bulbs via our self-updating firmware. Automatically. Seamlessly.

Dodecahedron Delight

Batman Black PCB in the shape of a Ninja star, folded into its dodecahedron platonic solid shape through the art of origami. This bulb is the sophisticated badass that starts conversations.

Extra-Long Lifespan

Quality components. Smarter design. Up to 27 years of lighting bliss.